🌍 Users Guide

The following chapters provide comprehensive overview on the capabilities of EOmaps.

The basic concepts how to create beautiful interactive maps.
How to visualize datasets (plot-shapes, classification, colorbars etc.).

The graphical user interface that ships with EOmaps!
Interactively re-arrange and re-size axes of a figure.

Create zoomed-in views on specific regions of a map.
Turn your maps into interactive data-analysis widgets.

Add basic map features (coastlines, ocean-coloring etc. ) to the map.
Add imagery provided by WebMap services (ts, wms, wmts, xyz) to the map.
Add vector geometries to the map.
Add markers, annotations, lines, logos etc. to the map.
Add a scalebar to the map.
Add a compass (or North Arrow) to the map.
Add grid-lines (and optionally grid-labels) to the map.

Interactively draw geometries on a map and export them as shapefiles.
A collection of utility widgets (layer-sliders, layer-selectors)
Read data from NetCDF, GeoTIFF or CSV files.
Additional functions and properties that might come in handy.