🌡 NaturalEarth features

Feature-layers provided by NaturalEarth can be directly added to the map via Maps.add_feature().


Interface to the feature-layers provided by NaturalEarth.

The call-signature is: m.add_feature.< CATEGORY >.< FEATURE >(...):

< CATEGORY > specifies the general category of the feature, e.g.:

  • cultural: cultural features (e.g. countries, states etc.)

  • physical: physical features (e.g. coastlines, land, ocean etc.)

  • preset: a set of pre-defined layers for convenience (see below)

< FEATURE > is the name of the NaturalEarth feature, e.g. "coastlines", "admin_0_countries" etc..

from eomaps import Maps
m = Maps()

m.add_feature.physical.lakes(scale=110, ec="b")
m.add_feature.cultural.admin_0_pacific_groupings(fc="none", ec="m")

# (only if geopandas is installed)
places = m.add_feature.cultural.populated_places.get_gdf(scale=110)
m.add_gdf(places, markersize=places.NATSCALE/10, fc="r")

NaturalEarth provides features in 3 different scales: 1:10m, 1:50m, 1:110m. By default EOmaps uses features at 1:50m scale. To set the scale manually, simply use the scale argument when calling the feature.

  • It is also possible to automatically update the scale based on the map-extent by using scale="auto". (Note that if you zoom into a new scale the data might need to be downloaded and reprojected so the map might be irresponsive for a couple of seconds until everything is properly cached.)

For convenience, multiple preset-features can also be added in one go via:

from eomaps import Maps
m = Maps()
m.add_feature.preset("coastline", "ocean", "land", scale=50)

If you want to get a geopandas.GeoDataFrame containing all shapes and metadata of a feature, use: (Have a look at πŸ’  Vector Data on how to add the obtained GeoDataFrame to the map)

from eomaps import Maps
m = Maps()
gdf = m.add_feature.physical.coastline.get_gdf(scale=10)

The most commonly used features are accessible with pre-defined colors via the preset category:


Add a coastline to the map.


Add ocean-coloring to the map.


Add a land-coloring to the map.


Add country-boundaries to the map.


Add urban-areas to the map.


Add lakes to the map.


Add rivers_lake_centerlines to the map.