Welcome to the documentation for EOmaps!

EOmaps is a Python package to visualize and analyze geographical datasets. It is built on top of matplotlib and cartopy and aims to provide an intuitive and easy-to-use interface to handle the following tasks:

▶ Speed up and simplify the creation and comparison of maps
▶ Visualize small datasets as well as millions of datapoints
▶ Handle 1D and 2D datasets and create plots from NetCDF, GeoTIFF or CSV files
▶ Take care of re-projecting the data
▶ Compare or overlay different plot-layers and WebMap services
▶ Use the maps as interactive data-analysis widgets (e.g. execute functions if you click on the map)
▶ Provide a versatile set of tools to customize the maps
▶ Arrange multiple maps in one figure
▶ Get a nice colorbar with a histogram on top
▶ Export high resolution images

A detailed overview on how to use EOmaps is given in the ⚙ Usage section.
Make sure to check out the 🗺 EOmaps examples for an overview of the capabilities (incl. source code)!