Maps.snapshot(*args, **kwargs)

Print a static image of the figure to the active IPython display.

This is useful if you want to print a snapshot of the current state of the map to the active Jupyter Notebook cell or the currently active IPython console while using a backend that creates popup-plots (e.g. qt or tkinter)

ONLY use this if you work in an interactive IPython terminal, a Jupyter Notebook or a Jupyter Lab environment!

  • *layer (str or None) – The layer to show on the snapshot. Any positional arguments are used as layer-assignments similar to m.show_layer() If None, the currently visible layer is used. The default is None.

  • transparent (bool) – Indicator if the snapshot should have a transparent background or not. The default is False.

  • clear (bool) – Indicator if the current cell-output should be cleared prior to showing the snapshot or not. The default is False


>>> m = Maps(layer="base")
>>> m.add_feature.preset.coastline()
>>> m2 = m.new_layer("ocean")
>>> m.add_feature.preset.ocean()
>>> m.snapshot("base", ("ocean", .5), transparent=True)