classmethod Maps.config(snapshot_on_update=None, companion_widget_key=None, always_on_top=None, use_interactive_mode=None, log_level=None)

Set global configuration parameters for figures created with EOmaps.

This function must be called before initializing any Maps object!

>>> from eomaps import Maps
>>> Maps.config(always_on_top=True)

(parameters set to None are NOT updated!)

  • snapshot_on_update (bool, optional) –

    Only relevant when using an IPython console or a jupyter notebook together with the inline backend! (e.g. using %matplotlib inline)

    • If True, figure updates automatically trigger drawing a snapshot of the current state of the figure to the active cell.

    • If False, an explicit call to is required to draw the figure.

    The default is True.

  • companion_widget_key (str, optional) – The keyboard shortcut to use for activating the companion-widget. The default is β€œw”.

  • always_on_top (bool, optional) –

    Only relevant if PyQt5 is used as matplotlib backend.

    • If True, the figure will be kept β€œalways on top” of other applications.

    The default is False.

  • use_interactive_mode (bool or None, optional) –

    If True, matplotlibs interactive mode (plt.ion()) is activated by default for all backends except jupyter-notebook backends (inline and ipympl).

    If False, interactive mode is turned off (plt.ioff() and a call to is required to trigger showing the figure! Note that this will block the terminal!

    If None, No changes are applied.

    The default is True.

  • log_level (str or int, optional) –

    The logging level. If set, a StreamHandler will be attached to the logger that prints to the active terminal at the specified log level.

    See set_loglevel() on how to customize logging format.

    The default is None.