Force a re-draw of cached background layers.

  • Use this at the very end of your code to trigger a final re-draw to make sure artists not managed by EOmaps are properly drawn!


Don’t use this to interactively update artists on a map! since it will trigger a re-draw background-layers!

To dynamically re-draw an artist whenever you interact with the map, use:

>>> m.BM.add_artist(artist)

To make an artist temporary (e.g. remove it on the next event), use one of :

>>> m.cb.pick.add_temporary_artist(artist)
>>> m.cb.keypress.add_temporary_artist(artist)
>>> m.cb.move.add_temporary_artist(artist)

*args (str) – Positional arguments provided to redraw are identified as layer-names that should be re-drawn. If no arguments are provided, all layers are re-drawn!