Maps.set_classify_specs(scheme=None, **kwargs)

Set classification specifications for the data.

The classification is ultimately performed by the mapclassify module!


The following calls have the same effect:

>>> m.set_classify.Quantiles(k=5)
>>> m.set_classify_specs(scheme="Quantiles", k=5)

Using m.set_classify() is the same as using m.set_classify_specs()! However, m.set_classify() will provide autocompletion and proper docstrings once the Maps-object is initialized which greatly enhances the usability.

  • scheme (str) –

    The classification scheme to use. (the list is accessible via m.classify_specs.SCHEMES)

    E.g. one of (possible kwargs in brackets):

    • BoxPlot (hinge)

    • EqualInterval (k)

    • FisherJenks (k)

    • FisherJenksSampled (k, pct, truncate)

    • HeadTailBreaks ()

    • JenksCaspall (k)

    • JenksCaspallForced (k)

    • JenksCaspallSampled (k, pct)

    • MaxP (k, initial)

    • MaximumBreaks (k, mindiff)

    • NaturalBreaks (k, initial)

    • Quantiles (k)

    • Percentiles (pct)

    • StdMean (multiples)

    • UserDefined (bins)

  • kwargs – kwargs passed to the call to the respective mapclassify classifier (dependent on the selected scheme… see above)