ScaleBar.set_label_props(scale=None, rotation=None, every=None, offset=None, color=None, update=True, **kwargs)

Set the style properties of the labels.

  • scale (int, optional) – A scaling factor for the fontsize of the labels. The default is 1.

  • rotation (float, optional) – The rotation angle of the labels (in degrees) relative to the curvature of the scalebar. The default is 0.

  • every (int, list or tuple of ints, optional) –

    Indicator which sections of the scalebar should be labelled.

    • if int: every nth section is labelled

    • if a list/tuple is provided, only the selected sections are labelled.

    The default is 2.

  • offset (float, optional) – A scaling factor to adjust the offset of the labels relative to the scalebar. The default is 1.

  • color (str or tuple) – The color of the text. The default is β€œk” (e.g. black)

  • kwargs –

    Additional kwargs are passed to matplotlib.font_manager.FontProperties to set the font specifications of the labels. Possible values are:

    • ”family”, β€œstyle”, β€œvariant”, β€œstretch”, and β€œweight”

    For example:
    >>> dict(family="Helvetica", style="italic").

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