static read_file.CSV(path, parameter=None, x=None, y=None, crs=None, set_data=None, **kwargs)

Read all relevant information necessary to add a CSV-file to the map.

Use it as:

>>> data = m.read_file.CSV(...)


>>> m.read_file.CSV(set_data=m)
  • path (str) – The path to the csv-file.

  • parameter (str) – The column-name to use as parameter.

  • x (str) – The column-name to use as β€œx” coordinates.

  • y (str) – The column-name to use as β€œy” coordinates.

  • crs (crs-identifier) – The crs of the data. (see β€œMaps.set_data” for details)

  • kwargs – additional kwargs passed to pandas.read_csv.


A dict that contains the data required for plotting.

Return type:

dict (if set_data is False) or None (if set_data is True)