ScaleBar.set_position(pos=None, auto_pos=None, azim=None)

Set the position of the colorbar.

The position hereby represents the starting-point of the scalebar!


If you set the position explicitly via the “pos” kwarg, the scalebar will no longer automatically update its position on pan/zoom events. (it can still be dragged to another position)

  • pos ((float, float) or None, optional) –

    (longitude, latitude) of the starting-point of the scalebar.

    The default is None.

  • auto_pos ((float, float) or None, optional) –

    (x, y) of the starting-point of the scalebar in relative axis-coordinates. (e.g. (0, 0) = lower left corner and (1, 1) = upper right corner).

    Note: If you specify a point outside the map the scalebar will not be visible!

    The default is None.

  • azim (float, optional) – The azimuth-direction in which to calculate the intermediate points for the scalebar. The default is None.